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Your Complete Machine Shop in Mississauga

Auto Power is committed to offering our clients flexible rates and great customer service, as well as quality repairs and parts. We offer warranties to guarantee your vehicle’s performance! Contact us today for more information.


We offer a wide range of services for drivers in Mississauga and surrounding areas, including:

  • Complete Machine Shop

  • Installation Available

  • Cylinder Head Supply & Exchange

  • Broken Spark Plug Removal

  • Engine Block Resurface & Line Hone

  • Gas, Propane, Marine, In-Board, Diesel

  • Parts Supply

  • Sandblasting

  • Resleeving & Boring

  • Import & Domestic

  • Honing

  • Resurface Fly Wheel

  • Exhaust Manifolds

  • Pressure Test

  • Crank Shaft Polishing

  • Aluminum Welding

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